What’s in a name - ask people in Glenrothes street

Kemnay Drive, as it should be spelled
Kemnay Drive, as it should be spelled

Eagle eyed residents in Collydean are asking themselves what’s in a name following the recent replacement of road name signs in the Glenrothes suburb.

For one thing it certainly doesn’t have two e’s, despite what the new road sign might say.

But that’s just what one of the road names in Kemnay Drive is showing right now.

The correct spelling is ‘Kemnay’ and has been since Collydean was developed in the early 1980s, but a new road sign appeared recently with the incorrect spelling ‘Kemney’.

And to add the the confusion, the correct name plate is just across the road ... a few metres away.

Residents in the northern precinct contacted the Gazette this week to highlight the spelling clanger and to see if their local newspaper could return the road to its rightful handle.

“My husband noticed it last week, it’s been spelt with an ‘a’ all the years we’ve lived here but we were wondering if we’d be having to finally change our postal address,” joked one Kemnay Drive resident.

When told about the error, red-faced Council officials were quick to hold their hands up over the spelling slip up and said they’d be acting quickly to put right the mishap.

Bill Liddle, Fife Council’s service manager, said: “This was a simple mistake where the incorrect sign came from our supplier and unfortunately wasn’t noticed when the sign was put up.

“I’d like to thank the residents for bringing this to our attention, the sign will be replaced as soon as possible.”