What we’d like to see in 2012...

Leven High Street, Leven, Fife
Leven High Street, Leven, Fife
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WITH 2011 at an end, the East Fife Mail took to the streets to find out what one change people in Levenmouth would most like to see in 2012.

Last year hit Levenmouth hard with several significant shop closures but the local people we spoke to were united in their hopes for a bigger, better and brighter new year.

More shoe shops, a McDonalds, a covered High Street and a better beach were just some of the ideas appearing on New Year wish lists.

The state of Leven High Street was a top concern with many people hoping 2012 would bring more variety and fewer empty store fronts to the town. David Brodie (59), of Buckhaven, hoped 2012 would bring more quality shoe and clothes shops, with decent prices, while James Robertson (58), of Leven, hoped High Street shops would be made more accessible to disabled people.

Douglas Horne (82), of Lower Largo, was among those who felt the High Street had too many charity, second-hand and £1 shops.

Others complained the High Street and surrounding areas were too dirty and hoped 2012 would bring a deep clean to remove the chewing gum and cigarette butts.

Margaret Stevenson (57), of Leven, said: “Cleaning up the High Street and having less traffic going through it would help.”

Jennifer Cummings (46), of Leven, suggested a big change to shelter shoppers from the cold and wind by covering parts of Leven High Street to create an indoor shopping area as well as wishing for better heating at Leven bus station.

Ryan Fraser (27) said he would like to see Leven beach renovated and hoped it might attract more visitors while his friend, Martin Trotter (26) hoped for more festive events to boost Christmas spirit.

Whatever 2012 brings for Levenmouth it’s clear local people aren’t short of ideas for how to make it a happier new year.

“Enclose some of the high street to make it more sheltered from the wind and cold.”

Jennifer Cummings, Leven

“More shops for the wife and kids. We’ve got to go to Kirkcaldy or Glenrothes to do the shopping.”

David Leitch, Leven

“More events year round but especially at Christmas, with stalls, fairs and face-painting for kids.”

Martin Trotter, Leven

“To see all the shops filled up. We could put up those artificial shop fronts over empty stores.”

Alison Doyle, Leven

“Renovate the beach and have better late night venues because there are only a couple places open later in the evening here.”

Ryan Fraser, Leven