What would you do with old Nairn site?

The old Nairn building is set for demolition
The old Nairn building is set for demolition

Locals living in an area of Kirkcaldy marked by dilapidated buildings could be asked for their views on how the site can be regenerated.

Fife Council is considering how the Victoria Road/Nairn Street corridor can be redeveloped as part of the Local Development Plan for Fife (FIFEplan).

A number of suggestions are being examined including the possibility of holding a charrette – an intensive community planning exercise – to ask locals how they would like to see it developed.

The move comes after Scottish Enterprise confirmed the proposed demolition of the former Nairn linoleum factory is still at the tender evaluation stage so is looking unlikely to happen in the next few weeks.

However, a spokesman said it’s anticipated the contract for the work will be awarded in the near future.

The historic building in the town’s Victoria Road has been in a state of disrepair for many years.

Consent to demolish the A-listed property, which is 200 years old, was given the go-ahead by Historic Scotland last year, but the work has yet to start.

Neil Crooks, Kirkcaldy north councillor and chairman of the town’s area committee, said demolition would kickstart the regeneration process.

He said: “We are working towards a regeneration strategy and at this stage we are exploring a number of mediums to deliver this with a possible charrette being one of them.

“The whole Victoria Road-Nairn Street corridor has lain derelict for over 20 years.

‘‘This presents a scar through the heart of Kirkcaldy and while the demolition of the former Nairn building will clear that part of the scar, there is so much more surgery required.

“Leaving buildings to deteriorate and become overgrown with bushes and trees should be outlawed.

‘‘At the moment the legislation for enforcement once a building is taken over by mother nature is not strong enough to make a significant difference.

“If owners choose to abandon their assets in this way, the result is a public eyesore which just gets worse as the years pass.”

He added: “Kirkcaldy has suffered from this more than most so hopefully the Nairn building demolition will be the start of a trend reversal.”