When is a sign not a sign, residents ask

Parking sign which isn't working, say residents
Parking sign which isn't working, say residents
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Residents in two Leven streets are calling for action after claims they cannot get parked outside of their homes.

The people, who live in Parkhill Wynd and William Laing Crescent, off of Aitken Street in the town, say the streets are congested with the vehicles of parents dropping their children off at nearby Parkhill Primary School, local shop workers or those visiting the high street.

Despite a sign notifying drivers that the area is for residents only, the problems have persisted for years and only seem to be getting worse for some.

Dorothy Law (73) has lived in the area for a number of years, and it was because of her action that the sign was eventually installed in 2006.

But she told the Mail that even after it went up, problems persisted and Fife Council told her that the sign couldn’t be enforced.

“It’s just terrible, you can’t go out because when you come back, you can’t get parked.

“I’m 73 years old, I’m not going to park miles away from my house. And what would happen if an ambulance or a fire engine needed to get in? They couldn’t.”

Dorothy believes that the residents in the area should be issued permits, or a parking time limit should be brought in to alieveate the problems.

Another resident, Amy Cunningham, has a young baby and said she needs to be able to park near to her home because she usually has a buggy with her.

Although she is currently on maternity leave, Amy said that she encounters a lot of problems when she’s working.

“It really is annoying to come home from work and be unable to park. I work early in the morning and finish at 3.00 p.m. There is no point even attempting to get in the street at that time.”

Ian Smith, lead professional – traffic management (mid Fife), said: “All schools produce a School Travel Plan. Parkhill Wynd is not currently included as a drop off/pick up point for Parkhill Primary in their Travel Plan.
“We are aware that there is also heavy demand for parking in this area at the weekends.
“As there are no waiting restrictions in Parkhill Wynd this means that anyone can park there if there’s space, as in other residential areas throughout Fife.”