When you go will you send back a letter from...

FIFERS are feeling badly let down by the postal service following the Christmas period.

The Fife Free Press has been inundated with complaints from residents who have not yet received parcels and cards.

One caller told us that it had taken until January 5 for a card sent before Christmas from a friend in Kirkcaldy to reach their home, also in the Lang Toun.

Some even reported strange postmarks on their mail — from locations like Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Plymouth and Cornwall, Manchester, South East Anglia, Nottingham and the Mount Pleasant sorting office in London.

Southern route

This week Royal Mail confirmed that post had been sent down south in order to utilise any available centre, but added that most letters had been delivered.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “The vast majority of Christmas mail was delivered despite the most hostile start to winter weather in the UK in living memory. We will continue to deliver any remaining items posted before Christmas as quickly as possible. ‘‘Our people have been absolutely fantastic and are completely focused on delivering the mail.”

The spokesman further denied rumours that there were a large number of Christmas cards sitting in the Kirkcaldy sorting office undelivered.

But many Fifers say they still haven’t received much of their post.

One Kirkcaldy woman told us she was still waiting for two Christmas presents, ordered in November, and out of the 65 cards she received annually, she had only received about 40.

SIDE PANEL: Facebook was also alive with comments on the postal situation:

Hazel Thomson: “I was expecting a recorded delivery and two of us were home, but didn’t hear the door getting knocked. Is it too much hassle for them to wait for a signature?”

Joan Penman: “My Christmas prezzie from my hubby hasn’t come yet. No idea what it is, but it was ordered in November.”

Andy Auchterlonie: “Don’t blame the posties for late stuff, blame the Royal Snail management for being inept. It is their cutbacks and changes that have caused the chaos. The weather has not helped, but they cannot use that as their sole excuse.”

Paul Johnston: “Had a card posted from Loanhead in Midlothian in mid December. It arrived the other day postmarked Mount Pleasant. An 800 mile round trip!”