White poppy request ... it’s a no

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A decision to not include the laying of a white poppy wreath in the main remembrance service at Leslie war memorial has been taken by the town’s community council.

Pastor James Faddes had made the request on behalf of the congregation at his Leslie Baptist Church asking to be allowed to lay a white poppy tribute at the same time as the traditional red one.

I am satisfied the result is a fair relection of the majority

Jan Wincott

But after allowing the public to give their views on the request, it has been decided to only allow the church to continue with placing their white poppy wreath after the main service has finished.

Around 20 members of the public attended last Tuesday’s meeting to hear the decision.

Jan Wincott, community council chairman, said she had been impressed by the level, tone and respect in which the debate had taken place.

“I am satisfied that the final result is a fair reflection of the majority of the views expressed and I was pleased with the positive acceptance of the decision by all of the parties involved,” Mrs Wincott added.

Pastor Faddes had maintained throughout the discussions that he would not want to force the view of his congregation on the general public and would accept any decision taken.