Who would stoop so low?

Burntisland pupil councillors outside their school which was broken into at the weekend
Burntisland pupil councillors outside their school which was broken into at the weekend
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Pupils and staff at Burntisland Primary School were left upset and angry after a break-in to their school at the weekend.

Thousands of pounds of damage was caused and two digital cameras as well as the school’s poppy collection tin were stolen.

The culprits, who police say they believe to be youngsters with some knowledge of the school, smashed up Smartboard screens and used ink stampers on desks during the break-in.

However Julie Anderson, the school’s new headteacher, who only took up her post after the October holidays, said everyone had rallied round to ensure it was business as usual.

“We were really upset and saddened by the damage and loss caused over the weekend,” she explained.

“Classrooms were damaged and property stolen, including the charity money from our poppy box. There was around £5000 of damage.”

The mess was discovered on Monday morning by staff, but very quickly the police arrived and children were able to come for their lessons as normal.

“Children and staff have been upset that people would cause such damage and destroy their things, however, we are pleased to report the learning and teaching in the school has been unaffected,’’ she said.

“We are sure they must be locals as they clearly knew their way around the buildings. The police are continuing their investigation and we hope they have this case solved as soon as possible.

“We would like to reassure parents, children and the wider community that the school will be vigilant with regards to our security and there is nothing to be alarmed about.

‘‘It’s business as usual. We won’t let this interfere with the excellent learning and teaching that goes on here.”

Alex McDonald, chairman of Burntisland Community Council, added: “I am really sad to hear about this.

‘‘As far as I can recall this must be the worst case of vandalism we have had in many years.”

Chief Inspector Derek McEwan, who is in charge of community policing in the area, said: “We are currently investigating and will use whatever resources are necessary to detect and bring to justice the people who caused this damage and stooped so low as to steal from a poppy collection.

“It is difficult to establish how much was in the tin, but regardless, it was a despicable act and it’s sad to think that anyone of whatever age, would be motivated to steal a charity tin.”

Anyone with any information on the break-in is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101.

Burntisland Primary has over 600 pupils, making it the biggest primary in Fife. The school is due to move into its new premises at the Toll Park in August next year.