Why 1177 people like Kirkcaldy’s Tesco cat

Tiger the Tesco cat
Tiger the Tesco cat

A SUPERMARKET’S best known customer is feline great after getting his own Facebook page!

The Tesco Cat is well known to many who shop at the Hunter Street store, and no w a page has been set up on the social networking site to honour ‘Kirkcaldy’s top moggy’.

And over 1100 people have already ‘liked’ it!

Tiger the furry feline, who lives nearby, has a growing online band of followers.

As well as reports of sightings, some people have also posted photos of the cat sitting in the child’s seat of trolleys parked at the Hunter Street entrance.

Helena Ritchie, who works on the customer service desk in Tesco Kirkcaldy says the cat has been frequenting the store for many years.

“I’ve worked here for 18 years and he’s been coming here for about that long I think,” she said.

“I come in from the bus station every morning and he always trots along to get a wee clap.

“I think he likes the heaters we have at the front doors.

“I know he visits other shops in the street too and people leave food and milk for him.”

A few years ago, it was thought that the cat had lost his fondness for the supermarket giant after he went missing for many months.

Helena adds: “He was gone a long time, we just assumed that he was maybe ill but then all of a sudden he just appeared one day.

‘‘He’s been coming back ever since.”

And by the sounds of things, his fanbase may soon be growing as news of his Facebook page spreads.

Adam Smith student J.P Cummisky said: “I’ve seen the cat a few times.

‘‘I’m totally going to like him on Facebook!”

Fife Council worker Pamela Neish also sees the famous moggy frequently. “I see him quite often,” she said.

“He just comes in and sits at the front door there.

“He’s quite a chubby thing but he’s really cute.”

And Tesco customer Pat White’s face lights up at the mention of the Tesco Cat.

“I’ve seen him about three times, roundabout the store and he goes up the street there too,” she said.