Why life is no longer a beach in Kirkcaldy

Work in progress at the Basin
Work in progress at the Basin

Kirkcaldy beach has been closed to visitors and locals by the contractor working on building the new sea wall.

The move was made for safety reasons as giant rocks are moved into place as part of the £9million project.

But the move surprised some people who walk on the beach every day - well away from the work.

Contractor Volker Stein is currently operating from the basin to Nicol street where the Promenade is completely blocked off.

The remainder of the beach running to the harbour was accessible.

Gates had been bolted across the steps leading to the sands the length of the Promenade, but on Wednesday the Council said two accesses were now open at the north end.

Mike Thorpe, Fife Council, service manager, explained: “At present the Promenade is open to the public between the harbour and the viewing point at Volunteers Green - but the beach has had to be closed.

“The contractor closed off accesses to the beach the full length of the Promenade to keep the public safe whilst the rock armour is being transported, tipped, stored and placed.’’

The huge rocks have been arriving by lorry on a daily basis to form a major part of the new-look sea wall which will be heightened and strengthened to protect the town’s waterfront.

Workers plan to spend the next eight weeks placing the rock armour revetment.

And locals have been warned this will mean more limits on access to the seafront.

Mr Thorpe continued: “As they also intend to form another access point onto the beach, a compound and a stone holding area within the northernmost section, there will probably be further restricted access to the Promenade during this period.

“This work is essential to the on-going improvements and the beach and promenade will be re-opened to the public only when it is safe to do so.’’

The contractor has opened a drop-in office opposite Volunteers’ Green.