Will new plans still give public the hump?

Elizabeth Hepburn and councillor Ross Vettraino.
Elizabeth Hepburn and councillor Ross Vettraino.

Revised proposals to replace controversial speed restrictions in a prominent Glenrothes street are to be discussed by councillors today (Wednesday).

A report to the town’s area committee detailing a replacement traffic calming proposal for Glamis Avenue in Pitteuchar – at a cost of £18,000 – is to be recommended for approval.

Glenrothes councillors, influenced by wide-spread public anger over the original implementation of speed cushions along the entire length of Glamis Avenue, unanimously backed resident Elizabeth Hepburn’s petition containing nearly 400 signatures, which called on the restrictions to be removed.

Now a revised traffic calming plan, which consists of just two redesigned ‘surface-mounted rubber islands’ and two light up speed warning signs, is being proposed.

But the plan is expected to meet opposition from at least one councillor who says there is no need for speed cushions at all in Glamis Avenue.

“I welcome the proposal to move away from the existing speed cushions which have caused so much consternation among residents, but I don’t consider this revised plan a suitable alternative,” Councillor Ross Vettraino told the Gazette.

“The public are well served with public underpasses and the proposed inclusion of light up warning signs seems to me a sensible enough solution.”

The original speed cushions, introduced in 2014, at a cost of £5708, were described by disgruntled residents as ‘vicious’ and ‘aggressive’

Ian Smith, Traffic Management - Mid Fife said: “Following feedback from the local community the council has agreed that the rubber speed cushions are removed.

“As this is a designated 20mph zone, Scottish Government transport regulations require effective traffic calming measures to be in place to ensure the safety of other road users and local people.”