Window cleaner smashes leg in horror fall

Craig Galloway recovering in hospital
Craig Galloway recovering in hospital

A ‘singing’ window cleaner who smashed his leg to smithereens in a shock fall has thanked kind-hearted neighbours for saving his life.

Father-of-four Craig Galloway had been working in Dunnikier Estate on Friday afternoon, the day before his birthday, when he tumbled 14 feet from a ladder onto a concrete path.

“They didn’t just help me, they probably saved my life. “The pain was so intense, I really believe my heart could have stopped,” he said.

“I’m so thankful.”

The 34-year-old from Cowdenbeath had been working on a ‘two-up, two-down’ property on Turnberry Drive just after 2.00 p.m. on Friday when the bottom of his ladder ‘pinged out’ from underneath him.

“I didn’t actually feel anything at first, but when I tried to stand up I looked down and saw this open wound with a bone hanging out. I just went into shock,” said Craig.

“My wrist had hit a fence on the way down but my right leg took the brunt of the impact -and the last time I checked I weighed 16 and half stone!”

The property owners were on holiday and Craig lay stranded behind plant pots.

“I had to hop out to be seen but there was nothing connecting my leg to my ankle - my shoe was filled with blood and my sock had caught on the bone. My leg was just flapping about and the pain was excruciating,” he said.

“I just kept shouting ‘help, help, I need an ambulance, hoping somebody would come before I passed out.”

First on the scene was a young boy who phoned for an ambulance and a lady who ran across the road to help.

“I do her windows and I wear headphones and sing when I work. I’m really rubbish and she kept joking about my singing to keep me conscious! An older man came too and I knew by his expression that it was bad.”

That night Craig underwent a five-hour operation at Victoria Hospital - the first of many to rebuild his leg.

Surgeons explained he had broken his wrist and ankle and his tibula and fibula had “shattered into hundreds of pieces.”

Craig, who had worked as a window cleaner for 12 years without injury, explained his job was now finished.

“The doctors told me some bones have turned to mush. A full recovery will take at least a year. My leg will never heal to the point where it has the strength to bear that kind of weight on it again,” he said.

Thanking hospital staff for their care, Craig revealed the accident had forced him to re-evaluate all aspects of his life, including his relationship with partner Lynne Anderson.

“It makes you realise what’s important,” he said. “That’s me and the other half talking about getting married now.”

He added:“She and my mum deserve a medal for taking care of me.”