Woman accused of snipping boyfriend’s penis with scissors found not guilty

Dunfermline Sheriff Court
Dunfermline Sheriff Court

A Cardenden woman accused of snipping her boyfriend’s penis with a pair of scissors has walked free after he said he didn’t want the matter to proceed.

Stuart Cooper didn’t appear as a witness when the case was called at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

Helen Smith (48) of Carden Castle Park, was accused of grabbing his private parts and cutting his penis with the household implements at their home in Cardenden last August.

She was formally found not guilty by Sheriff Ian Anderson who rejected a Crown motion to continue the case.

The court was told today that Mr Cooper did not wish the matter to proceed.

He did not attend, and Depute fiscal, Azra Yousaff, made a motion to adjourn the case because of his absence.

She said: “The witness was cited in the usual fashion. He may be aware of today’s trial. He is a reluctant witness. He did not want the matter to proceed.”

Yvonne McKenna, defending, opposed the move.

She said: I have a letter that the complainer wrote to my firm. He said he made no complaint or statement. He had no wish for this matter to proceed.”

She added the case was putting Smith, a former hairdresser, “under enormous pressure” - she was unable to work in her new job at a supermarket due to suffering from a depressive illness.

Ms McKenna said: “She has been unable to work and her job is in jeopardy due to the press and media coverage.”

Sheriff Ian Anderson found Smith not guilty.