World Irish dance title joy for Diane

Diane Davie won both the World and European championships for Irish Dancing. Pic: Steven Brown
Diane Davie won both the World and European championships for Irish Dancing. Pic: Steven Brown

A Glenrothes dancer has reached the top of her game, winning the World Irish Dance Championships for the fourth year in a row - and receiving the highest possible marks from the judges.

Diane Davie (32), from Pitteuchar, secured full marks from all five adjudicators - scoring a full 500 - at the event in Dusseldorf, Germany.

And, as well as retaining the world title, Diane also secured a win in the European championship this year.

Both international competitions were organised by the World Irish Dance Association.

She told the Gazette: “It felt amazing to win and to get the full points.

“I’ve been away since February, I went to New Zealand with a friend and then we went to Australia, so I hadn’t been to classes but had been trying to get to the gym to do training when I could.

“This year was to be my last year competing so I gave it my all and I was delighted to get top marks from all five adjudicators, I’ve not managed that before.”

For the pharmacy technician it was a flying trip to Germany for the competition, having flown there from Australia before returning to the southern hemisphere immediately afterwards.

Now back home in the UK she continued: “To fly all that way and spend all that money to get a win and a perfect score made it all worthwhile.”

Now, Diane is preparing to hang up her competition shoes, but she says she will not give up on the dancing.

“This was my last, I’ve now retired from competitions, but I’m still going to be doing shows,” she said.

“I never ever imagined I would win it once because I started so late in life. I started when I was 16. But I’ve won the world title in four consecutive years. The standards are getting higher and higher every year and I’m getting older and older. This year was the ultimate high but it’s now time for me to stop.”