World’s top courses all under one roof

Practice makes perfect on the Huxley putting green.
Practice makes perfect on the Huxley putting green.

A state-of-the-art golf experience which gives visitors the chance to play some of the world’s top courses, is now available in St Andrews.

Scotland for Golf, which opened recently at the town’s Bassaguard business park, offers the public the most up-to- date golf training equipment as well as the opportunity to play the world’s best courses on its high-tech golf simulator.

PGA AP golf professional George Finlayson, who is a certified coach and assessor in sport, runs the company with golf professionals Bill McColl and Scott Finlayson,

He said: “We are unique because we can offer a number of new services for local golfers including instruction. We also use the same equipment as top players.

“We have the latest golf simulator which groups of up to four people can use to play famous courses like Pebble Beach, Gleneagles and, naturally, The Old Course.

“The whole thing is under cover so you can play 18 holes and not have to worry about the weather.”

The simulator also features Trackman technology that allows users to practise and receive feedback.

Used by top golfers, the technology scientifically analyses 21 areas including the golfer’s swing and stance and can highlight other areas of performance that may need addressed.

Scotland for Golf also offers an independent club fitting service and the information provided by Trackman can also prove invaluable for players buying new clubs.

George added: “Visitors can also putt on our Huxley putting green, the choice of top professionals.

“This isn’t just a carpet but a real green with undulations which recreates the same conditions a player may face on a course. Many top golfers have these in their homes so they can practice all the time.

“We also offer golf day schools and a 20-20-20 service where players can have a 20-minute lesson with a professional before taking 20 minutes to hit the ball with Trackman and then 20 minutes on the putting green.

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