Wormit boy (9) swims the Tay


A NINE-year old boy from Wormit has become one of the youngest people to swim across the River Tay.

Mika Mitchell completed the gruelling swim from Broughty Ferry to Tayport in just 44 minutes after telling his dad Robert he fancied the challenge.

Being a long distance swimmer himself, Robert helped his son to train, and when the big day arrived Mika was determined to see it through.

“I see my dad swimming long distances and just wanted to see what it was like,” Mika told the Fife Herald.

“It’s a lot different from swimming in a pool – it’s a lot colder but I definitely want to do it again.

“I was really tired afterwards, but that hasn’t put me off.”

Robert made the crossing in a boat alongside Mika to make sure he kept a close eye on his son.

After entering the water at Broughty Ferry harbour, Mika just kept on swimming - oblivious to how far he had already covered.

When the tiredness caught up with him and the cold water began to slow him down, Mika shouted over to his dad in the boat that he might have to stop.

It was only then he discovered he was only a few yards from Tayport harbour.

“I didn’t realise myself how long he had been swimming as I was so busy watching him for any signs of tiredness,” Robert explained.

“I told him he could stop if he wanted but when he realised how close he was, he swam for another few minutes and that was him finished.”

After a well-earned hot shower, Mika was able to go to a friend’s birthday party that night before the tiredness caught up with him and an early night was needed.

But the next morning he was back swimming again and asking his parents what his next long distance challenge might be!

A member of Menziehill Whitehall Swimming Club in Dundee, Mika has just started primary five at Wormit Primary School.