‘Wrong place’ for playpark says resident

Frank Sharp - a resident in Dallas Drive who is unhappy about a playpark being located right outside his home
Frank Sharp - a resident in Dallas Drive who is unhappy about a playpark being located right outside his home
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PLANS to build a new playpark in Dallas Drive are to go ahead - despite the objections of a local resident.

Last month the Dallas Drive Tenants and Residents Association revealed it had successfully secured over £43,000 in funding from the Big Lottery, as well as funding from Fife Council, to create a new playpark in the area.

The move came after a survey was carried out with children and parents in the area to find out what equipment they wanted in the playpark.

But while most appeared to be happy with the location of the new playpark, one resident, Frank Sharp, objected as he felt it was too close to his property in Dallas Drive.

As a result of his objection, Fife Council said it would review the location but it has been decided the playpark will go ahead in the location originally planned.

Mr Sharp said: “It would appear that the proposed playpark is to go ahead after all. Of course the kids should have a play park, but not a matter of feet outside our living room surely?

“The noise will be too intrusive. Once constructed it will be right outside our veranda door, the equivalent of having a creche in our front garden.

“We feel betrayed as we weren’t told there were plans to have a playpark right in our front garden area when we signed the missive and moved in.

“Had that been the case, we would have chosen the other house on offer to us at the time. We will now be seeking a move away from the area.”

Clair Lovett, parks development officer, said: “The overwhelming majority of those who took part in the consultation agreed the existing play area to the rear of the flats was not suitable and the new play facilites would be better located within the central open space at Dallas Drive.

“After the consultation ended, an objection to the location was raised by Mr Sharp.

“We arranged a site visit and this took place prior to the most recent tenants and residents’ meeting. Mr Sharp was invited but did not attend.

“We are sorry to hear he still has concerns - we would be happy to discuss any issues he may have.”