WW2 bomb detonated at Tentsmuir

Tentsmuir beach
Tentsmuir beach

Royal Navy bomb disposal experts have blown up a World War Two shell at a beach in Tenstmuir Forest.

The 25lb high explosive shell was discovered on the beach near Tayport yesterday but was under a high tide by the time the Northern Diving Group, based at HM Naval Base Clyde, reached the scene.

Low tide coincided with the arrival of a thick fog so it was decided to wait until this morning and clearer weather.

The shell was covered in sandbags and a member of the local Coastguard spent a lonely vigil to ensure that things remained safe.

At 9.34am this morning the shell was blown up where it lay and the explosion, according to the naval experts, was powerful enough to demonstrate that the shell still had “definite explosive content”.

Millions of pieces of munitions from WWII remain in the coastal waters around Britain and can become exposed by changes in weather and tides.

Anyone finding anything suspicious should always report it to the authorities immediately.