X Factor’s Jade and Colin excited about their futures

Jade Richards
Jade Richards

AHEAD of their Leven High Street gigs on Saturday, Jade Richards and Colin Malcolm sat down with the East Fife Mail to look back at their time on the X Factor, as well as talking about what is up next for them.

Jade, particularly, stole the headlines in 2011 when she reached the judges’ houses stage of the competition.

Colin Malcom

Colin Malcom

She returned this year and made it as far as bootcamp, but thinks the chance of her doing it again is unlikely – although she isn’t completely ruling it out.

“It’s an experience but I don’t know if it’s worth doing it three times, though (they do say) third time lucky,” she said.

“They kind of edited us both out of it this year. We only got about 30 seconds each and that was when they showed us not getting through.”

Jade admits, although appreciating the exposure from the show, she found parts of the experience difficult, particularly how she was wrongly portrayed as a Satanist, a vampire and a witch in some newspapers.

She continued: “They put a picture of me dressed up at Hallowe’en and said that’s how I go out down Leven.

“Obviously, I don’t believe everything I read in the paper but people that do are going to think ‘she supports the devil’.

“Apart from that, everything else has been quite positive.”

Jade has kept plugging away on the back of her TV time and went on tour with fellow contestants Joe Cox and The Keys, and even recorded a music video on Saturday.

She added: “It was a good platform and I got good gigs out of it as well.

“I’m working with a few different people on a few different things. I’m working with a dub-step DJ on a song which will be coming out and hopefully, I’m maybe releasing an album next year if everything goes well.”

Unlike Jade, Colin didn’t get much TV coverage, despite a camera crew filming at his house in Methil, so he admits he is more likely to return to the show.

“I don’t know why they edited us out of it,” he said.

“For me, there is a chance I might go back to it. Obviously, that was the first time of me getting through to the judges’ stage and I think I didn’t believe in myself as a singer, because everyone was that good.

“Now I think it’s maybe worth another shot if I go out and keep singing and get better.”

Colin has also been performing in a bid to transform himself into a frontman, having being used to sitting behind the drums in band Healthy Minds Collapse.

“I’ve been getting loads of gigs of the back of the X Factor, so I’m just going to keep on going and hope I get better and better and try and improve as a singer.

“I’m not sure what the future’s going to bring but I’m looking forward it. It should be exciting.”