Yes Group holds rally in Kirkcaldy town square

A group of campaigners gathered in Kirkcaldy on Saturday vowing not to give up on their dream of an independent Scotland.

Whilst a bigger event took place in Edinburgh, the Lang Toun was determined not be left out, and around 150 supporters - many of whom were involved with the Yes Kirkcaldy campaign - gathered on the steps of Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

The Kirkcaldy Yes rally

The Kirkcaldy Yes rally

The group flew flags and sang songs; ‘Caledonia’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ with specially adapted lyrics.

They also unfurled a large banner proclaiming ‘The Dream Stays Alive With A Common Cause.’

Marie Penman, the Yes Kirkcaldy group’s coordinator, said: “We put this together because too many people wanted to keep the group going after the referendum - they just didn’t want to let it go.”

“It wasn’t just Yes Kirkcaldy campaigners. I think it was around 50/50 which was surprising. People said to me that they want to get involved and our membership has now almost quadrupled.”

Hailing Saturday’s rally as a success Marie says the group has plans for more activities.

“We’re now planning to publish a leaflet and put it out to 20,000 homes saying thanks for voting for us - and if you voted no, sorry we couldn’t persuade you.

“There’s a rally in Glasgow on October 12 we will go to, and we’re also planning a social event, but our main aim is the General Election next May.

“If our dream is to stay alive then we need to see more Scottish representation at Westminster.

‘‘We need a pro-independence voice there.”