Yes Kirkcaldy campaigner in racial abuse claim

Police are investigating after the organiser of the Yes Kirkcaldy campaign claims she was racially abused.

Marie Penman, who lectures in journalism at Fife College, said the incident occurred after a man, who proclaimed to be a No voter had entered the Yes campaign’s shop on Kirkcaldy High Street.

She said: “He came in to tell us why we couldn’t be an independent country - it happens a lot - and I questioned whether he doubted Scotland’s ability to make its own decisions, adding that Scotland was a great country.

“He said he wasn’t criticising Scotland, and said he was Scottish through and through. I told him I didn’t doubt that and he stated, ‘I’m more Scottish than you’.

“When I asked what he meant, he said ‘You’re not even from here!’

“I was a bit surprised by this and asked him for clarification, to which he retorted ‘Look at the colour of your hair and your skin - you’re not telling me you’re from here!’

“Admittedly, I’ve just come back from two weeks in Spain and have a bit of a tan but I don’t think this qualifies me as a foreigner.

“The guy then got really nasty and started shouting about how ‘people like us’ would take over an independent Scotland and we’d soon be ‘ruled by Muslims’.

“I was so stunned, I couldn’t respond, and he stormed out of the shop.”

Marie was shaken by the incident, saying: “It was actually pretty upsetting for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been spoken to like that before.”

Police Scotland confirmed they are looking into the incident and are checking CCTV footage from Kirkcaldy High Street to try and identify the man.