‘Yes’ to cash for memorial

Eddie Young, Mary Parry and Alistair Suttie of the Leven Community Council
Eddie Young, Mary Parry and Alistair Suttie of the Leven Community Council
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Councillors have given Leven Community Council a big thumbs up over its plans for a memorial event by approving £75,000 of funding.

Funding for the project was given the OK by elected members at last week’s area committee meeting as councillors voiced their support for the event which is planned for September.

The majority of the funds - £50,000 - will be spent on the commission of a piece of memorial art work by renowned local artist David Mach.

Brought on to the project several months ago, the cash injection will now secure his involvement in the project which looks to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem, and the role played by the 1st (Polish) Independent Parachute Brigade, led by Maj.Gen. Stanisław Sosabowski, and which trained at Largo House.

The news was warmly welcomed by Leven Community Council chairman Alistair Suttie, who has been working hard on the plans with the other members for a number of months now.

He said: “It seems a long time since we first came up with this idea and this is a significant stage in the process.

“I am absolutely delighted that we have approval for the funding and Leven Community Council can press on with the organisation of this event.

“Planning is well under way and we already have a number of very committed people helping us deliver, what will be, a fitting memorial which will bring Leven and the surrounding area some international publicity.

He continued: “While the funding is guaranteed, we will continue to seek help from other sources. September 28, and the days leading up to it, will provide some much-needed focus on our area and I look forward to the whole community getting involved.”

Noting his support of the event, Councillor Charles Hafffey said: “It is particularly heartening for me when the community takes on a project like this. It is important that people know about the background of ours, and it’s important that not only do we realise that this event is going ahead, but we know about the reality behind it. I congratulate the Community Council on organising this event.”

A whole weekend of events will take place from September 26-28 and the David Mach sculpture will be unveiled to the public during a special ceremony on the Sunday.