Yeuch! This sewage flood needs sorted

Liz Bushnell has reported the flooded sewage pipe on many occasions
Liz Bushnell has reported the flooded sewage pipe on many occasions

A former Kirkcaldy lollipop lady is kicking up a stink about a sewage problem which has left her at the end of her tether.

Liz Bushnell who lives in Invertiel Terrace, has reported a constantly flooding sewage pipe at the bottom of her street to Fife Council and Scottish Water at least a dozen times in the last year.

The sewer at the bottom of the hill by Starks Park football ground gushes raw sewage water from a hole in the middle of the road which then forms a puddle and cars splash the water onto the pavements on both sides of the road, spreading it to the top of the hill on Pratt Street and to the traffic lights at the junction by Morrisons supermarket.

And Liz says that the pavements are widely used by dozens of children walking to and from Kirkcaldy West Primary and Balwearie High Schools.

“It is absolutely disgusting, and the smell here at times is just horrendous,” she told the Press.

“This time round the water started coming up even though there hadn’t been any rain for days!

“I have been told that the sewage pipes at this part are too narrow to cope with all the new houses which have been built in the area.

“It’s getting beyond a joke.

“It has been flooding for well over a year now, usually after it rains, but now it is doing it even when it doesn’t rain.”

Liz said she was fed up reporting the problem. “I call Scottish Water and the men come out and pump out the pipes and it clears for a few weeks and then it happens all over again.

“A solution really needs to be found here.

“Children are walking through it, mums are pushing prams through it and mobility scooters are going through it too, spreading the germs around.

“I was walking past the other day when a car drove through and splashed me with dirty water – it’s a nightmare.”

Apologising to residents, a spokesman for Scottish Water said: “ “A clean-up operation is being organised for this section of sewer to ensure it is running freely.

“We recently carried out a CCTV survey which indicated the sewer required cleaning and work will take place shortly using a jetting machine to flush the sewer.

“We wish to assure residents that we will complete the maintenance work on the sewer as soon as possible.”