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The Full Monty comes to Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline next week
The Full Monty comes to Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline next week

The 1997 award winning film about a group of steelworkers on the dole is one that most will be familiar with.

The Full Monty went on to win the hearts of many and is one of the most successful British films ever made.

But now, the story is entertaining theatre audiences after Simon Beaufoy wrote the script for the live stage production.

And the popular show, which was in London’s West End, is now on a nationwide tour, set to arrive in Dunfermline next week. The six day run at the Alhambra Theatre begins on Monday.

Having started in Manchester last month, the production has already been staged in Glasgow.

Taking time out from their busy schedule last week, the Press caught up with three of the cast members - Rupert Hill, Gary Lucy and Louis Emerick - and they were all looking forward to getting out on the Fife stage.

Rupert, known for his role as Jamie Baldwin in Coronation Street, said the tour has been “amazing” so far.

“We’ve been playing some really busy houses,” he said.

“People are very raucous and it has just been a real joy.

“It’s a real feel good production and people seem to be really enjoying themselves.

“We’re really looking forward to Dunfermline. It will be slightly smaller than what we’ve played so far but I think that could add to it.

“It will be more intimate and it will be great for the audience and they will feel so much more a part of it.”

Gary, who takes on the role of Gaz, added: “Glasgow so far has been great and I’m hoping that Dunfermline is going to be even better.”

And how does it feel to be part of the play, given how popular the film was when it was released?

Louis, who played Mick Johnson in ‘Brookside’ and PC Walsh in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ and now takes on Horse in the play, told the Press: “It feels great, because most of us know the movie and particularly for me it’s poignant for me as my brother in law Paul Barber played Horse in the movie.

“It’s nice to follow in his footsteps if you like. The producers and director have put together a talented and welcoming cast.”

And for Rupert being part of the production was “a no brainer”.

“I’m really enjoying playing the part of Guy,” said Rupert.

“He gets to do a lot of good fun moments and iconic moments in the play.

“David Haines is an amazing director and Simon Beaufoy an amazing writer and I loved the film.

“It was just one of those things and a no brainer. It’s a good fun thing to do and it’s not in any way an inconvenience.”

Gary, who has previously starred in ‘Hollyoaks’, ‘The Bill’ and ‘Footballers Wives’, added: “It’s a really well written piece by Simon Beaufoy and it’s a really good fun show and everyone has a good time.”

But if you recall the film, there’s not just three out-of-work steelworkers. There’s six, and starring alongside Rupert, Gary and Louis in the play are Andrew Dunn as Gerald, Martin Miller as Dave and Bobby Schofield who makes his stage debut as Lomper.

And the production features the iconic songs from the film by Donna Summer, Hot Chocolate and Tom Jones.

So after all these years, what is it about The Full Monty that makes it continue to be so popular and draws in the crowds to the theatres?

Louis explained: “I think everyone is familiar with the movie, at least 90 per cent, it’s not just about the last two or three minutes.

“It’s a story that people can identify with. The north of England and Scotland were places that were affected most by Thatcher’s reign and I think people who are in their 30s or 40s at least will remember those times.

“There’s a story about what made these men go to desperate measures.”

And back in the 90s did Louis ever think that he’d be performing in The Full Monty on stage?

“Never in a million years,” he laughs. “I was a big fan of the film because of family connection and I remember going to a launch when the DVD came out in the late 90s, they had a big celebration night in Sheffield.

“It was a brilliant night and if you’d told me that night I’d be doing the stage show in 2014 I’d have thought you’d had too much to drink.”

The Dunfermline date is part of a 32 week national tour - so what’s it like being on the road with the cast.

Rupert said: “It’s great, it’s a lovely company. Everyone gets on really well. We’ve probably been drinking too much but we’re having a lot of fun together.”

And there’s one subject I can’t not mention when speaking to the cast - how they actually go The Full Monty every night.

“You get used to it and you hope the lighting guy is on your side!” laughed Rupert.

“That final dance routine is great fun. In Manchester on press night there was an error with the lighting rig and it meant that people saw more than they were supposed to which was a bit disconcerting but it’s fine as we are all really giddy by then!’’

‘The Full Monty’ runs at the Alhambra from Monday to Saturday.