You dancing? You asking ...?

The Strictly Come Dancing judges. Pic: BBC/Ray Burmiston
The Strictly Come Dancing judges. Pic: BBC/Ray Burmiston

Allan Crow on this week’s TV highlights

(Sunday, BBC1, 8.00 p.m.)
The old glitterball has been dusted off and the sequins have been sewn for another series of celebrities hoping they can look good on the dance floor.

The only change is the departure of Bruce Forsyth to retirement, and the introduction of Claudia Winkleman to co-host with Tess Daly.

Brucie may be showbiz royalty, 
but there is no doubt his routines were getting creakier than some of the contestants’ Latin American.

This year’s hopefuls follow the same mix of sportsmen, soap stars, and, of course, the obligatory reality star.

All the pre-show hype has been on Judy Murray, Andy’s maw, a self-confessed ‘Strictly’ fan.

Must admit I really don’t get the media’s constant interest in his mum.

She’s up against Zoe from Casualty, Gregg Wallace from Masterchef, singer Pixie Lott and someone from TOWIE among others.

There will be tears and torn muscles, there will be snippy comments from the judges, but it shall all be simply fab-u-lous.

Celebrity Squares

(Wednesday, stv 8,.00 p.m.)

It was one of the classic game shows of the 70s, it was revived in the 90s, and now it’s back again in 2014.

The old game of noughts and crosses with nine celebs in the boxes will probably get a garish, noisy make-over, and it now has Warwick Davis as host with James Corden looming large among the celeb boxes.

It can only be a matter of time before The Golden Shot is brought back ...

Deep Purple: Made In Japan

(Friday, BBC4, 9.15 p.m.)
Ah the mighty Purple - rock legends of the 1970s when hair was long and denim was cool... and the music was loud!

It’s 42 years since the release of the classic ‘Made In Japan’ double album - ‘way better than the ‘Made In Europe’ follow-up - and a host of old rockers line up to recollect and pay tribute.

Recorded by the classic line-up of Gillan, Blackmore, Lord, Paice and Glover, this was a number one album in its day, and it’s just been lovingly dusted down and re-issued for old rockers everywhere to buy all over again.

The documentary is followed by ‘Heavy Metal Britannia’ a headbanging-tastic celebration of the genre.

The Secrets

(Friday, BBC1, 10.35 p.m.)
The last of five moral dramas from the pen of a quintet of writers.

It tells the story of man who returns from prison to make good with his former wife, but, for her, the relationship is over, and she is now with his brother ... which sets up an emotional mess for all concerned.

Hashtag awkward!

Scotland Decides: The Big, Big Debate

(Thursday, BBC1, 9.00 p.m.)
I can hear you groaning at the prospect of another referendum debate on telly.

With the honourable exception of STV’s recent six-hand debate, most have been ghastly shouty affairs which left us none the wiser and slightly scunnered by the whole thing.

BBC’s twist is to fill the Hydro with 12,000 first-time voters aged 16 and 17, and let them grill the speakers.

So it’s Question Time with acne - and it might just work. It’d be wonderful to see a politician completely blindsided by a kid...

Last Night Of The Proms

(Saturday, BBC1, 9.10 p.m.)
A fantastsic occasion and one captured superbly by the BBC.

Enjoy the noise, the spectacle, the silly outfits and, of course, the utterly glorious music performed impeccably...