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parked cars on Yetholm Way mean council can't get in to finish off yellow lines and traffic wardens can't issue tickets
parked cars on Yetholm Way mean council can't get in to finish off yellow lines and traffic wardens can't issue tickets
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“NOT good enough!”

That’s the view of Kirkcaldy councillor Kay Carrington, who has called on NHS Fife to take action to deal with complaints by residents around Victoria Hospital about drivers parking illegally and selfishly in their streets.

Councillor Carrington says she has been inundated with complaints from householders who say the situation has worsened since the new hospital building opened, but hospital bosses are dismissing the concerns as “teething problems.”

She has now contacted NHS Fife to explain the extent of the problem and urge health bosses to help.

Cllr Carrington, whose Kirkcaldy East ward takes in the hospital, said: “I am receiving complaints on a regular basis from residents in the streets surrounding the Victoria about the chaos being caused by parking, especially at peak times in the afternoon.

“It seems that NHS Fife doesn’t think it has anything to do with it - but it seems obvious to me that when you gather so many services on one site, there is bound to be an increase in people coming and going.

’’And no matter how much the powers-that-be want folk to use public transport, that simply isn’t always an option for patients, visitors or staff.

“NHS Fife does not seem to have a real understanding of the geography or the population of Fife.

‘‘Public transport is only an option when the timetables, routes, cost, and accessibility of buses are suitable to meet people’s needs.

‘’And it looks like there is some way to go before it’s a realistic choice for people and communities.

“Families and friends will travel from all parts of Fife to visit and will need cars to do so, while those going to day clinics will be in the same position.

“The board and management failed to grasp or solve these issues at Dunfermline and sadly they have not even anticipated the extent of the problem at Kirkcaldy.

“The chairman of the hospital is wrong if he thinks this is just ‘teething issues’ and I am calling for NHS Fife to first recognise the level of the problem and then to tell us what it proposes to do to accommodate the levels of vehicles coming into this part of Kirkcaldy.”

Cllr Carrington added: “In Dunfermline they covered the surrounding streets with yellow lines and that did not work.

‘’The residents want their streets back and the good people of Fife deserve better when visiting loved ones or getting treatment.

‘‘It is not good enough.”