Your chance to have your say on Levenmouth

Bawbee Bridge, Leven
Bawbee Bridge, Leven

THE first school visit before Leven’s very own community charette has been hailed as a success by organisers of the event.

Nick Wright, an independent planner who is working with Planing Aid and Fife Council on the series of town meetings to discuss the future of the area around the Bawbee Bridge, said the workshop at Parkhill Primary School went very well.

“The children were a credit to the school,” said Nick.

“They told us what they thought about the Bawbee Bridge as it is at the moment - not very welcoming, they said, despite the ‘Welcome to Leven’ sign on the bridge.

“We then asked them to draw some ideas about what they would like to see happen around the bridge in the future. Their ideas included: a fruit picking garden, a museum, a factory to make things in Scotland, a place to eat, an inside play area, a park, and even a giant statue on the bridge to make it more welcoming!

“There were really good ideas which would provide something for people of all ages.”

Nick and the rest of the team will be undertaking several more school visits before the first of the charette meetings takes place next Wednesday.

They plan to visit Mountfleurie Primary, St Agatha’s Primary and Buckhaven High this week.

Nick added: “By the time the community planning event starts on May 22, we should have a really good range of ideas from young people.”