Youths traced after Glenrothes vandalism spree

Picture: Ian Georgeson/TSPL
Picture: Ian Georgeson/TSPL

Police in Glenrothes believe they have caught the perpetrators of a recent vandalism epidemic in the town.

Three teenagers have been referred to the children’s reporter in connection with a spate of 20 incidents of vandalism and damage in the Macedonia and South Parks areas.

A number of schools where among those targeted by the youths.

One of the crimes alone amounted to the vandalism of a new mini bus at Glenrothes High School with damage in the region of £20,000 being caused.

The total cost of the damage between October and December is estimated to be in the region of £25,000.

PC Jim Lessells who led the investigation was pleased to put a stop to the vandalism.

He told the Gazette: “For several months we have been trying to get to the bottom of this vandalism spree.

“Vandalism is a serious blight on our communities and is often a pre cursor for more serious criminal offending.

“Three local youths aged 14 and 15 years have been traced.”

PC Lessells continued: “Police Scotland have had significant success in tackling violence within our communities.

“What we are keen for the public to see though is that all criminality is a priority as can be seen through this detection.

“Vandalism and anti social behaviour is often highlighted as a concern during our community engagement meetings and as such we will target those involved in it”.