Zombie football movie in Kirkcaldy!

Stark's Park
Stark's Park

IT’S the story of a football team overcome by financial scandals, points deductions and previous owners being blamed for the collapse.

Sound familiar? Well, it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

This is a budget comedy film ‘Wraith Rovers’ which will see zombies taking to the field at Stark’s Park – and there’s a chance you could play a supporting role in the movie, if you can contribute £500 towards the production costs.

The movie is the idea of award-winning film producers Bob Carruthers and Dave McWhinnie and is reputed to be a cross between the mock documentary which made Spinal Tap such a huge hit, the 2001 football movie ‘A Shot at Glory’ which featured several Raith players, and horror Zombie comedy ‘Shaun of the Dead’.

A source said: “The aim is to put a bit of fun back into Scottish football. It’s taking the mickey out of the Scottish game and the zombie movie genre.

“With the demise of Rangers and all the problems dominating Scottish football it just seems like the right time to do it.”

The film is a hilarious tale of a zombie team - The Undead Eleven – who eventually triumph over adversity.

The main characters are a football manager who suffers from Tourette syndrome and ‘spoonerisms’, and Craig Scheidt, the money man behind it all.

The leading roles are played by professional actors and comedians, but the roles of the various supporting characters will be open to members of the public with money to spend.

A contribution of £500 could also get you a mention in the credits as an associate producer.

Some of the parts available to the public include a man-eating brown bear, a headless zombie centre half, The Emperor Napoleon (basic French essential), Kaiser Wilhem the Second (basic German essential), ... and the ghosts of Jim Baxter and Stanley Matthews (must be fit and have a physical resemblance), George Best (must be fit and have vague physical resemblance).

There’s also Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, football fans, journalists, a referee and linesman ... and a ‘Cowdendeath’ player.

The source added: “It’s semi-scripted, semi-improvised, and adopts a mock documentary style. Hopefully the people of Kirkcaldy will turn out and feature in the crowd scenes. And for those who are willing the spend a bit of money, there’s the chance to play a part in the movie.”

Producer Bob Carruthers is originally from Kirkcaldy. A writer and film maker, he is now based in Shakespeare country in Stratford-Upon-Avon and says his best movie is ‘Macbeth’.

He’s a former rugby player – he previously played for Kirkcaldy – and was owner of Edinburgh Rugby in 2006-07.

It’s believed to have been Bob’s decision to shoot the new movie in his home town.

Permission to film at Stark’s Park has been sought from Raith Rovers, but the club are not directly involved in the project.

All participants must be over 18 and filming is due to take place in the first two weeks of September.

For more information or to find out how to secure a place in the film, visit the website www.wraithrovers.com.