Wraith Rovers
Wraith Rovers

THE cameras will be rolling in Kirkcaldy this Saturday for your chance to hit the big screen.

Football zombie movie ‘Wraith Rovers’ starts shooting this weekend - and it is open to everyone to get involved.

Extras are needed for crowd scenes filmed at Stark’s Park, and there’s still a chance to bag a speaking role as well.

‘Wraith Rovers’ is a hilarious tale of an undead eleven who play at Stark’s Park - it’s is the brainchild of Bob Carruthers, the man behind the upcoming Kirkcaldy Interactive Komedy Festival which launches in October.

Filming takes place this Saturday at Rovers’ ground with cast and crew on set for several hours.

Bob said: “It’s open to all.

‘‘People can come along from midday and be part of the crowd scenes.


‘‘We’ll be there for around four hours doing various crowd scenes - it’s a great opportunity for people to get involved and see themselves in a film.

“They don’t have to stay for all of that time - they can come and go as they please.’’

The film has been developed in a series of workshops in the New Club over the past few weeks and will feature look-a-likes as well as many football characters.

Garry Dobson, Fife comedian of the year, stars as manager Jock Tamson who sufferes from Tourettes and speaks in spoonerisms, who is in charge of a team of zombies.

Comedy festival favourite Bob Doollally will also reprise his own football manager role, but this time as director of football.

Jock Ferguson who bears an uncanny resemblance to Sir Sean Connery is the narrator.

Some small roles are still available if anyone fancies seeing themselves on the big screen.


Bob said: “There are still some small parts available.

“There is a lot of improvising in this film, so we can even make roles up at short notice to give people their big moment on the silver screen.”

The film-makers are also looking for local teams to take to the field on Saturday and be part of the action.

They want to hear from any amateur teams who are available and would like to be involved.

Bob said: “They just have to be over 18, of any shape or size and be available on Saturday at Stark’s Park. Your team can take part - it will be a memorable day.

“We reckon it will be the finest football film since the Celtic film ‘Carry On Up The Jungle’!

‘‘I can’t wait to get started, it will be a lot of fun.”