A third of adults have fallen out with friends and family members – over football

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found for 30 per cent their passion for the beautiful game has strained relationships with loved ones at one time or another.

While this resentment usually quickly passes, more than half admitted they’ve given those close to them the silent treatment for ‘several’ days due to a football-related disagreement.

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And one in 10 have not spoken to friends or family members for months – so strong is their love for their team.

In response, Domino’s - which also commissioned the study - has come up with a way to cater for football rivalries.

Any Liverpool and Chelsea fans heading to the FA Cup final tomorrow can enjoy a free pizza together when they visit the Domino’s ‘Store of Two Halves’ in Wembley.

Melanie Howe of the pizza chain said: “As a nation of football fanatics, we know temperatures can run high on such a big day in the football calendar.

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“So, we wanted to create a neutral space for rival fans to come together– because what better way to call a pre-game truce than over a delicious piping hot slice of pizza?!”

The study also found 56 per cent of those polled consider pizza to be their go-to match day meal.

But one in 10 claim they would refuse to share the dish with a friend or family member who supports a rival team.

Scheming to watch their favourite team

It also emerged 42 per cent of football fans would cancel pre-organised plans and 36 per cent would call in sick at work - so they could watch their team.

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Love for the game also appears to impact future relationships – 24 per cent consider having a shared interest in football to be ‘important’ when making new mates.

While one in 20 admitted they wouldn’t even think about dating someone who didn’t support the same side as them.

Domino’s will be giving away free pizza on Saturday May 14th between 11am – 2pm at its store on 418 High Road, Wembley to the first 100 fans who visit accompanied by a rival supporter.

To get the complimentary offering both fans need to be wearing their side's colours.