Affordability, rest and relaxation and access to a pool among British families' top holiday priorities

A survey of 2,000 adults with children under 16 has uncovered what the UK is most looking forward to about holidays this year – and what they struggle with.

Value for money and cost was the biggest consideration for holiday-goers (50 per cent), followed by rest and relaxation (46 per cent), and a pool (42 per cent).

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But the variety of food on offer (both 42 per cent) came ahead of being near the beach (40 per cent).

Other top priorities when it comes to booking a holiday include precise planning, immersion in local culture and trips with extended friends and family.

Finding the perfect holiday

It also emerged 45 per cent found the prospect of hunting for the perfect holiday exciting, while 31 per cent think it’s frustrating.

And the research, commissioned by Hilton, revealed 62 per cent find it difficult to please everyone when finding the perfect family destination.

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It also emerged 77 per cent said simply spending time with family is the most important thing to them post-pandemic.

While 66 per cent have plans to book with extended family to make the most of time away.

Patricia Page-Champion, senior vice president and global commercial director at Hilton, said: “There is a huge amount of pent-up demand for people to take much-needed breaks from their everyday lives to recharge, relax and experience the world around them once again.

“Inspired by our 2022 Trends Report, our findings illustrate how the events of the last two years have affected traveller preferences and passions.”

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The study also found 49 per cent are planning to take longer breaks this year than pre-2020 – with 37 per cent admitting they had not used their full annual leave allowance.

And they plan to spend an average of £1,246 on holidays this season, with parents happy to spend an average of 35 per cent more than usual to make up for missed holidays over the past two years.

While more families are planning an international trip for their next break, over a domestic holiday (38 per cent compared to 35 per cent).

Travelling with pets

The research, carried out by OnePoll, also found an increasing number of travellers are looking to enjoy holidays with their pets.

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A third (33 per cent) are keen to travel with their animal, with 47 per cent even admitting they would prefer to travel with their pet over their partner.

It also found that post-pandemic, 42 per cent now pay closer attention to cancellation policies than they would have in the past.

While 31 per cent keep a keener eye on cleanliness protocols, and a quarter would avoid travelling to destinations where vaccination rates are low.

Patricia Page-Champion added: “We have gained a deeper understanding of what people will be craving this summer – from more time with loved ones, to getaways with our four-legged friends, and are confident that our hotels are ready and waiting to welcome our guests and deliver our world-renowned hospitality.”

The top five things Brits prioritise for a holiday

1.            Affordability (50 per cent)

2.            Rest and relaxation (45 per cent)

3.            Access to a pool (42 per cent)

4.            Variety of food (42 per cent)

5.            Being near the beach (40 per cent)