Brits will spend almost £82,000 on deliveries over the course of their adult lifetime, research has revealed

The most common item being dropped off by the UK’s ever-growing fleet of delivery drivers is clothes, with more than half (55 per cent) having an item of clothing posted to them over the past 12 months.

This is closely followed by gifts (48 per cent), takeaways (45 per cent), groceries (44 per cent) and books (38 per cent).

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Britain has relied on delivery workers more than ever as of late, with 66 per cent of the 2,000 adults surveyed increasing their deliveries since the onset of the pandemic, typically receiving seven extra per month.

And it looks like the trend is here to stay, as almost one in three (31 per cent) claim they will keep ordering more deliveries to their door for the foreseeable future.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults was carried out by commercial motor insurance provider Zego, which provides insurance to fleets and individuals who use vehicles for work.

Sten Saar, CEO of Zego, said: “In Britain, we have always called on fleets of delivery drivers to make life more convenient for us, whether it's having clothes delivered ahead of an event or food delivered at short notice.

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"But over the past 18 months, in particular, these key workers have played a priceless role in keeping the UK running."

Tracking deliveries constantly

The study found that most like to track their delivery where possible, with seven per cent confessing to checking for an update every hour.

And more than a quarter (28 per cent) of those surveyed via OnePoll have either skipped work or studies, or started late or finished early, to make sure they were around to receive a delivery.

This rose to two thirds (66 per cent) of 18-24-year-olds.

According to the study, eight in 10 (81 per cent) said delivery drivers have been more important than ever during the pandemic.

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And more than a third said they've been helped out by a delivery driver over the past 12 months.

The most common way in which delivery drivers have helped the public is by delivering food while people have been self-isolating or delivering food that wasn't in stock in the shops.

The role of delivery drivers in society

Meanwhile, more than three quarters (78 per cent) think the need for fleets of delivery drivers is only going to keep growing.

And 81 per cent really appreciate the role fleets of delivery drivers play in modern society.

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As a result, 61 per cent think workers in the sector deserve access to flexible and affordable insurance to help make their jobs more cost-effective and save them money.

Sten Saar added: “It is clear that Britain’s love for online shopping is here to stay and the demand for deliveries will only continue to grow into the future.

"Fleets of delivery drivers have our appreciation but also need our ongoing support.

"Zego insurance exists to help these drivers power opportunities and we hope to be doing this for a long time to come.”


1. Clothing

2. Gifts

3. Takeaways

4. Groceries

5. Books

6. Toiletries

7. Shoes

8. Electronics

9. Medicines

10. Home decorations