Download Mark Lane's 'Spruce up your garden' advice

With the country under lockdown due to Covid-19, new research commissioned by Jeyes, reveals that six in 10 Brits are spending more time than ever in their gardens.

Yet surprisingly, two in five people admit to not cleaning up and taking care of their gardens properly.

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On the back of the research, Jeyes has joined forces with Gardeners’ World presenter Mark Lane,to set the nation a challenge.

For the month of May, they want people to use the extra time in the garden to flex their green fingers for 30 minutes each day to spruce it up in preparation for summer.

The initiative, named ‘the Great British Garden Spruce up is under way and runs through to May 31.

A downloadable planner has been created including quick and easy, family-friendly suggestions on how people can spend their daily 30 minutes, from water blasting the patio to upcycling old plant pots.

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The benefits of gardening to both mental and physical health have long been proclaimed. A report by The King’s Fund recognised that regular gardening can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and obesity.

The Royal Horticultural Society calculates that half an hour of digging in the garden burns up to 150 calories and moving the lawn burns 165.

Furthermore, the newly commissioned Jeyes research, conducted among 2,000 adults, reveals that 68 per cent of people feel more relaxed when in the garden and around nature. And, half of all respondents say that being close to nature makes them feel happy.

Mark Lane said: “This will absolutely be a worrying time for many, but gardening has the ability to not only keep you physically fit, but it is also great for improving mental health and wellbeing too.

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“May is one of the best months on the gardening calendar with the longer days and warmer weather, so we encourage you to make the most of this time by taking part in the challenge and creating an outdoor sanctuary of your own, no matter how small or large the space.”

Charlotte Blampied, brand manager at Jeyes, said: “The planner includes quick and easy tasks that will make a difference, not only to your garden but to your health and wellbeing too.

Visit for further information and to download the Great British Garden Spruce Up Planner.

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