Employee Appreciation Day: Five ways to show your employees they are top of your list

As employee appreciation day takes place on Friday March 4, the team at Digital Marketing Agency, Hexe Digital, has rounded up some of the best ways for businesses to show how much they appreciate their employees. 

As we live in such a manic working world, finding the time to show appreciation for our employees can slowly slip down the priority list. 

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However, employees are our greatest asset and making the effort to let them know how valued they are is essential to keeping a business afloat.  

That's why we’ve rounded up some quick and easy ideas, so you can show your employees how much you value them. 

Order in lunch for the team

This is one sure way to lift everyone’s spirits! Ordering in a feast for your staff will not only help to bring you all together, but it will also give your employees the opportunity to spend their lunch away from their desks.

According to research by BUPA, almost a third of UK workers usually eat lunch at their desk, with 43 percent saying that they were too busy to pause and take a break from their computers for even just a few minutes.

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Organising a monthly ‘lunch on us’ concept where employees get to vote on their chosen cuisine is a great way to show ongoing appreciation for them, not just as a one-off.

WFH employees? Send them a thank you in the post

It’s definitely more challenging to show appreciation to your employees if they work remotely. Why not send them a little gift in the post as a thank you for all their hard work?

More and more businesses are getting into the habit of sending work-from-home employees gifts for special occasions (Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day etc.) as it’s likely that employees will share their gifts on social media, therefore boosting the company’s public image.

Let them know there is room for progression from the get-go 

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Creating opportunities to progress within the business is another motivator for your staff and showing them how they can do so from the very beginning shows you value them as an employee.

Depending on how many employees you are directly responsible for, perhaps set aside 15 minutes to half an hour every week and use it to check-in with each employee. This way, you can make sure they feel supported, you can make sure they’re on track to achieve their career goals and eventually move up the ladder in the business.

Give your employees a shoutout on socials

It’s actually quite rare to see employers giving their employees a shoutout on Twitter or Instagram for example, commending them on their hard work or great results. Many companies fear their employees will be headhunted by rivals, so therefore won’t share an individual’s success.

However, if you create a positive working environment by sharing employees successes and rewarding them for their hard work, why would they want to leave?

Organise a team building day (but actually make it fun) 

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Dull, corporate days out are a thing of the past. Instead, look to book a day out for your employees that they can’t wait for. An escape room is a good one for example, as not only is it great fun, but it will also help employees to understand each other's communication styles.

Whether it's a cocktail masterclass, spa day or even a day at the races, taking your staff out will really help boost morale and show them how much they’re appreciated.

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