Everything about Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new Bunny Day event, from eggs to recipes

The first big in-game event for the recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here in the form of Bunny Day.

Bunny Day is Animal Crossing's version of Easter. It takes place all around the world, and serves as a religion-neutral version of the traditionally Christian festival.

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This year's Bunny Day is set to take place on 12 April - Easter Sunday in real life - and is planned to be an annual event in the game.

Here's everything you need to know about it:

What is Bunny Day?

Loading up the game for the first time after 1 April, you'll spot Zipper the Bunny milling about your island.

Talk to him and he'll explain a little bit about what Bunny Island means for you and your islanders.

Essentially, where certain trees on your island might have harboured pears or other fruit, they might now hold special eggs.

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In fact, most areas of your island will be hiding these eggs, of which there are multiple varieties depending on where they were discovered.

In the rivers? Water eggs. Inside rocks? Stone eggs.

Where can I find eggs?

Here's a full rundown of each type of egg, and where they can be found:

Leaf Eggs: growing on cherry blossom trees

Stone Eggs: inside rocks - hit rocks with your shovel

Earth Eggs: inside cracks in the ground - dig these up the way you would a fossil

Sky Eggs: in floating balloons passing overhead - shoot them down with your slingshot

Water Eggs: in the sea and rivers - look out for a fish-shaped shadow

Wood Eggs: amongst the wood you cut down from trees

What are eggs used for?

These eggs can then be used to craft garish Bunny Day ornaments and objects to adorn your island. If you're into taste-defying pastel colours that is.

The Bunny Day event brings with it over 30 new DIY recipes to the game, most of which require at least two different varieties of egg to craft.

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These recipes cover everything from 'Bunny Day' tables and lamps, to egg-based outfits you can craft for your avatar.

To find these recipes, you'll need to scour your island, in much the same way as you would on the hunt for eggs.

They can come from almost any source. Sometimes, once you've found enough eggs, your character will have an 'idea' for a new recipe, after which you'll be able to craft that object.

Some recipes can be found in bottled messages that wash up on the beach every day, and some can be shot down from balloons; you'll want to scour every inch of your island.

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How do I access the Bunny Day event?

If your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet, it should update to the latest version of the game automatically, and you'll have no trouble accessing the Bunny Day content when you load up the game.

If you're finding that your island hasn't been visited by Zipper and are having trouble spotting the Bunny Day preparations, you might need to download an update manually.

You'll need to update the game to version 1.1.1a - a completely free process - after which you should be good to go!

What will happen on 12 April?

At the moment, you and your islanders are preparing for the big Bunny Day event scheduled to take place on 12 April.

But the exact details of this event are as yet unknown.

What we do know, is that if you collect all the hidden DIY recipes and Zipper will grant you a special present at the end of the holiday.

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