Here's how Leif the Sloth's 'Nature Day' works in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and how to get the update

A wealth of new updates are coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, bringing more events and content to Nintendo's genteel life simulator.

Fans already knew about the existence of Nature Day - which will celebrate the real world's Earth Day in a way only Animal Crossing knows how - but now more details have been revealed.

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As well as that, Nintendo also revealed future in-game events and features.

Here's everything you need to know:

Who is Leif the Sloth?

From 23 April, Leif the Sloth will be making sporadic appearances on your island's central plaza.

He'll be selling garden-related items, including bushes and shrubs, added to the game through the new update.

Leif originally appeared in 2012's Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and ran the Gardening Store where he sold flowers, trees and other plant-based produce and supplies.

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In previous games, Leif's Spring Flower Event had the sloth character looking for hybrid flowers, and tasked players with collecting flowers and rare bugs.

There's no word yet on whether we'll see something similar in New Horizons.

How does Nature Day work?

Despite tying in with the real world's Earth Day, Animal's Crossing actually kicks off a day later, and runs for two weeks, not the single day of the actual event.

Aside from being able to purchase new foliage for your island, there will also be limited-time Nature Day activities, as well as new nature-centric Nook Miles achievements during the event.

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These could ask players to plant trees around the island, or water plants, for example.

Nature Day runs from 23 April to 4 May.

What else is new?

Leif the Sloth and Nature Day are not the only new features the latest update to Animal Crossing is preparing players for.

From 23 April, the character Jolly Redd will occasionally dock his boat on the players' 'secret' beach to the north of their island.

He'll be there to sell the players pieces of art, although just like in previous Animal Crossing games, you'll have to work out which art pieces are real and which are fake; genuine pieces can then be placed in your island's museum, which is also receiving an upgrade.

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In the first week of May, the May Day Tour will take players to a new mystery island, where'll they'll have a limited time to collect resources and goodies.

Players will have to use a special, one-time ticket to get there between 1 and 7 May, and according to Nintendo, "a special visitor who looks familiar might also be there..."

International Museum Day is coming to the game on 18 May to celebrate both your island museum's expansion, and the real-world event of the same name (although again, Animal Crossing's version lasts much longer than a single day).

During the event, players will receive a special stamp card that they can take around their museum, ticking off fish, insects and fossils in their collection for an in-game reward.

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And finally, Wedding Season takes place across the entire month of June, and sees players help to celebrate the nuptial anniversary of Reese and Cyrus.

Players can travel to Harv’s island to meet the couple, and arrange and take anniversary photos; wedding-themed items are waiting to reward you!

How do I access the new events?

A new update will be made available to all players for free on 23 April. Download it to access the new events and features.

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