Julia Donaldson previews exciting new stage show at Warwick Castle

Award-winning author Julia Donaldson visited Warwick Castle this weekend to preview the brand new Zog Live Show, which is set to launch on 28th May.

Donaldson previewed elements of the upcoming show, which includes a script developed by her for Warwick Castle and is based on her first Zog book which was illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

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Zog Playland

The best-selling author also explored Zog Playland for the very first time. She saw how the Merlin Entertainments attraction brought her characters to life. This was through a range of immersive, accessible experiences.

Julia Donaldson said, “It’s just amazing seeing my characters brought to life like this. Of course, I have seen plays and films based on my book but this playground has so much attention to detail, down to Princess Pearl’s box of soothing peppermints.”

“Sometimes children get really into stories and obsessed with the characters and I think they love to be part of the story. They like to go to Madame Dragon’s School or meet Sir Gadabout the Great and it just fires their imaginations.”

“I am obviously a theatre enthusiast so I’m looking forward to the show. I think I am most excited about the trail because it is really interactive.”

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The staging for the Zog Live Show will also feature the original artwork by Axel Scheffler, illustrator of Zog and Zog & the Flying Doctors, creating a 30-minute immersive open air performance.

A faithful retelling of the Zog story

The show is a faithful retelling of the Zog story featuring much-loved characters from the book, with live actors, puppets and music from the Zog film. The stage will be set against the woodland backdrop of the pageant field, adding to the authenticity of the adventurous story.

Ensuring the performance is open to all, wheelchair accessible seating will be available and screens featuring Makaton sign language will accompany each show.

On the new Zog Live Show at Warwick Castle, Donaldson said: “I have seen quite a few plays based on my books but I am very excited that this one is set with the wonderful background of the castle because, of course, the Zog story features a castle, a knight and a princess.

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As someone who has a hearing problem myself, I am really pleased that it will have a Makaton screen so that children who have language difficulties or are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy the stories.”

The brand new show is yet another reason why Warwick Castle is the ultimate destination for Zog fans of all ages. The show joins the new Zog Playland, which launched in April and is based on the second book Zog & the Flying Doctors, and the returning Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star interactive trail, as well as the popular Zog Play & Stay overnight package.

For more information and to book, head to www.warwick-castle.com/Zog