Martin Lewis' one top tip for getting the best deals this Black Friday

Black Friday is just weeks away, as many thrifty Christmas shoppers await the deals which could save £100s on gifts. 

The UK’s biggest shopping event takes place on 26 November this year, and the deals are expected to continue until Cyber Monday (29 November). 

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However, buyers have been warned against getting caught in spending too much on items which are not worth the cost. 

'Special item discounts tend to be tat'

Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis has now taken to Twitter to share his advice on how to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. 

As many high street giants began slashing their prices early this year, Boots and Curry’s among others, Lewis has advised those with their Christmas wish list ready to check prices before sales begin. 

Ahead of the sale, he recently tweeted: “Go and do a price check now, so you have a benchmark to see if it is really cheaper when it is ‘discounted’”.

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Lewis also warned against raking through “special item” discounts, as they can often “tend to be tat.” 

He added that 30-50 per cent off codes and discounts are the best offers to look out for, as site-wide discounts mean retailers are not trying to punt your their unwanted stock or end-of-line bargains. 

Lewis is known for his savvy saving tips, last Christmas be cautioned shoppers to be aware of stores’ drawing you in to unnecessary spending. 

"If you’re looking to buy a video game that costs £50, and it’s reduced to £25 on Black Friday, then yes, it’s a good deal as you’ll save £25.

"But, if you’re tempted to buy it just because it’s on offer, then no, you’ve fallen into a trap,” he said.