Pikmin 3 Deluxe Nintendo Switch review: some innovative changes for a modern classic

Anything the Wii U can do, it seems the Switch is determined to go one better.

As well as a host of brilliant, innovative new releases since this superb little machine came into our lives four years ago, Nintendo has been busy making sure all of its Wii U crown jewels are migrated across bigger and better than ever. And Pikmin 3 Deluxe is no exception.

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What are Pikmin?

This is an enhanced version which boasts a new prologue and epilogue, featuring Captain Olimar and Louie, as well as multiple difficulty modes, co-op play in story mode, the reintroduction of the Piklopedia from Pikmin 2 and, of course, all the DLC from the Wii U version.

For those new to the franchise, you control a captain who commands a horde of up to 100 plant-like creatures called Pikmin (think Lemmings meets Captain Toad) and uses their unique abilities to explore the world, take down enemies, solve puzzles and collect treasures.

You must direct your Pikmin to accomplish tasks, such as building bridges, destroying barriers, collecting spoils and defeating enemies. Your Pikmin come in different colours, signifying their varying strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Red Pikmin are immune to fire and can fight harder, Yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity and can be thrown farther, Blue Pikmin are immune to water, and so on.

The perfect fit for the Switch

Pikmin - like the other Wii U and Nintendo past classics - seems the perfect fit for the Switch. Gamers of the '80s and '90s will get that nostalgic buzz associated with Lemmings when using their Pikmin's different abilities to explore and solve puzzles.

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Story mode is better than ever, now that you can take it on with a friend in co-op mode.

But it is the overall improvements and tweaks that truly make this game more enjoyable and accessible than before.

Like with many Switch titles, a lack of online strength limits the multiplayer options at your disposal. And more could have been added by way of extra missions. But, make no mistake, Pikmin 3 Deluxe takes an already fabulous game and makes it even better. It feels like it will finally get the stage to show just how good it is thanks to the Switch.

It is clever, intuitive, fun and charming in a way Nintendo has monopolised since the dawn of console gaming. The crowning achievement, in my opinion, is the decision to the Wii U’s Gamepad screen with Switch-friendly controls.

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Even if you owned Pikmin 3 on the Wii U, there is plenty here to justify adding it to your Switch collection. In fact, it won’t be complete without it.

Rating: 8.5/10

Available for purchase here

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