Sainsbury's price hike for online delivery passes make shoppers furious

Sainsbury's has increased its upfront annual fee for its midweek delivery pass from £30 to £40.

The one-off charge gets customers free delivery on online grocery orders on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as long as they spend at least £40 - a popular option for vulnerable and elderly customers.

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However, the price rise, coming during a cost of living crisis, has angered some customers.

What have customers said?

George Day, 74, of Whyteleafe, Surrey, told The Sun: “We are pensioners. We rely on the delivery pass service as it is hard for us to get out and about these days.

“Sainsbury’s should think more about its vulnerable customers - that extra £10 could have been spent on our energy bills - keeping my wife and I warm.”

Another customer, Ron Newfield, said on social media he complained to the supermarket after being charged £4 a time for individual deliveries.

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He said this happened after his annual delivery pass failed to automatically renew at the £30 rate.

He added: “We are on their priority customer list too. Good customer service eh?”

Consumer experts have criticised the supermarket giant for the price hikes, which will affect vulnerable shoppers relying on the groceries delivered to their doors.

Have any other passes had a price increase?

Customers have also complained on Twitter about its annual “anytime delivery pass“, for up to one free delivery every day, including weekends, also rising - from £60 to £80.

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One shopper, known only as Michelle, said: "Could I speak to someone about delivery pass renewal please? Had mine cancelled despite updating card details - now paying £20 more…"

The “anytime delivery pass“ is for up to one free delivery every day, including weekends.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said, “Last year we updated our online groceries services so that we can offer simpler, more flexible ways to shop with us, while still offering great value.”

Sainsbury's confirmed the price hike came into effect at the end of last year.

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How much does delivery cost with Sainsbury's?

When ordering for home delivery from Sainsbury’s using a delivery pass, shoppers need to spend at least £40.

For customers that don't have a delivery pass, Sainsbury's charges between £1 and £4.50 dependent on the time you want your shop delivered.

Orders under £40 are charged £7 for standard delivery. Customers who don't have a delivery pass must spend a minimum of £25.