These are all the Easyjet flights resuming across the UK and Europe in June

Easyjet is resuming a number of limited flights from 15 June (Photo: Shutterstock)Easyjet is resuming a number of limited flights from 15 June (Photo: Shutterstock)
Easyjet is resuming a number of limited flights from 15 June (Photo: Shutterstock)

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A summer getaway is often the highlight of the year for many, providing a chance to relax, unwind and explore somewhere new.

Unfortunately, holiday plans for 2020 have been put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak, but airlines are now starting to prepare for the relaunching of flights.

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When will Easyjet resume flights?

Easyjet is resuming a number of limited flights from 22 airports across the UK and Europe from 15 June 2020.

The budget airline’s entire fleet has been grounded since March due to lockdown travel restrictions, but it is now joining the likes of Ryanair and British Airways by starting to relaunch some flights.

The flights include a number of domestic routes in the UK, along with a limited number of international flights.

The airline said it will be taking extra measures to ensure both passengers and crew are kept safe, including enhanced disinfection on aircrafts, and mandatory face masks for everyone on board.

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Easyjet also said it will closely monitor the situation across Europe when it comes to travel restrictions.

Where can I fly to?

At the moment, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is advising against all but essential international travel.

While countries will make their own decisions regarding domestic travel, EU regulations allowing free movement of people between borders will depend on the growth rate of coronavirus cases around the world.

Some EU countries are starting to reopen their borders, with Austria and Germany the latest to agree to remove travel restrictions.

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Random checks at border crossings are currently taking place, but free movement should resume from 15 June.

This is the full list of Easyjet flights that will run from 15 June:


  • Belfast to Birmingham
  • Belfast to Bristol
  • Belfast to Edinburgh
  • Belfast to Glasgow
  • Belfast to London Gatwick
  • Belfast to Liverpool
  • Belfast to Newcastle
  • Birmingham to Belfast
  • Bristol to Belfast
  • Edinburgh to Belfast
  • Edinburgh to London Gatwick
  • Glasgow to Belfast
  • Glasgow to London Gatwick
  • Inverness to London Gatwick
  • Isle of Man to London Gatwick
  • Isle of Man to Liverpool
  • London Gatwick to Belfast
  • London Gatwick to Edinburgh
  • London Gatwick to Glasgow
  • London Gatwick to Inverness
  • London Gatwick to Isle of Man
  • London Gatwick to Nice
  • Liverpool to Belfast
  • Liverpool to Isle of Man
  • Newcastle to Belfast


  • Bordeaux to Lyon
  • Bordeaux to Nice
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle to Nice
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle to Toulouse
  • Lille to Nice
  • Lyon to Bordeaux
  • Lyon to Nantes
  • Nice to Bordeaux
  • Nice to Paris Charles de Gaulle
  • Nice to London Gatwick
  • Nice to Lille
  • Nice to Nantes
  • Nice to Toulouse
  • Nice to Geneva
  • Nantes to Lyon
  • Nantes to Nice
  • Toulouse to Paris Charles de Gaulle
  • Toulouse to Nice


  • Porto to Geneva
  • Lisbon to Geneva


  • Barcelona to Geneva
  • Switzerland
  • Geneva to Porto
  • Geneva to Barcelona
  • Geneva to Lisbon
  • Geneva to Nice

Easyjet summer flights 2021

Easyjet has also released its summer schedule for 2021, including flights to Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Spain, among other European destinations.

The flights that are available cover the period from 19 April to 4 May 2021, with many costing less than £20.

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The airline has waived the change fee for flights and holidays for all bookings to allow customers to move their dates free of charge. You can amend your booking online, via the Manage Bookings section.