These are the best bread and cake recipes you can make using a slow cooker

People across the nation have been getting creative in the kitchen lately, trying out new foods and methods of cooking and baking.

The empty flour shelves at many supermarkets are a sign that thousands are taking to baking cakes, bread, brownies and other flour-based foods to keep themselves busy while stuck inside.

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But did you know that you can utilise your slow cooker to do this? These are some of the best cake and bread recipes for making full use of it.

Rosemary bread

This delicious recipe for rosemary bread will have you feeling like an artisan baker in your own kitchen. It'll take some patience, but the end results are delicious enough to make it worth it.

Six-ingredient white bread

With just six ingredients - or five, if you take out the optional cheese - you can have a delicious white loaf from your slow cooker in just a few hours. Spread butter onto a slice straight after cooking for the most tasty results.

Treacle sponge

Feeling nostalgic for your school days? You can recreate that sticky-sweet treacle sponge of your youth at home with your slow cooker.

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You can even add a splash of optional brandy to make it feel a little more adult.

Muscovado cheesecake with blackberries and hazelnuts

If you're in the mood to tackle something a little more complex, have a go at this BBC recipe for a cheesecake topped with blackberries and hazelnuts.

Cinnamon roll cake

Your slow cooker is great for creating the moist texture that this cinnamon roll cake needs. Prep time only takes around 30 minutes, then you can leave the dough in the slow cooker until it's ready.

Three-ingredient cherry cake

For a super easy dessert recipe using minimal ingredients, have a crack at this three-ingredient cherry 'dump' cake which uses butter, pre-made filling and cake mix for an easy treat.

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Banana bread

The brown sugar sauce on top of this banana bread gives it that extra oomph. Best of all, it only takes around 10 minutes to prepare, then you can leave it to bake over the next couple of hours.

Indulgent peanut butter cake

If you're a peanut butter fan, this one's for you - a slow cooker peanut butter cake. Using a pre-mixed box of cake mix keeps the list of ingredients required pretty low too.

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