This is when the next Scottish lockdown review will be - and what changes could be made

The Scottish government will hold a review of current restrictions every three weeks (Photo: Getty Images)The Scottish government will hold a review of current restrictions every three weeks (Photo: Getty Images)
The Scottish government will hold a review of current restrictions every three weeks (Photo: Getty Images)

A relaxation to lockdown measures are now in force in Scotland, following the latest government review on 28 May.

Several rules, including meeting up with family and friends, have now been eased as the country entered phase one of its lockdown exit plan.

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However, despite the recent changes, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has urged people to still “stay at home as much as possible”, warning that the virus “is still out there”.

When is the next lockdown review?

The Scottish government will continue to hold a review of current restrictions every three weeks as a minimum, meaning the next review is expected to take place on 18 June.

Any changes could then come into force “within days” of this date, providing the country continues to make progress in its handling of the virus outbreak.

As such, a further easing of restrictions could begin from mid-June.

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The review is intended to ensure the country is on track with its four-phase plan, and to assess whether elements need to be accelerated or decelerated within each phase.

What changes are likely to be made?

Scotland is currently in phase one of its four-phase approach to lifting lockdown, with the next review considering the effects of changes that were introduced from 29 May.

Any further restrictions will only be introduced if the Scottish government considers it safe to do so.

To progress to phase two, the virus must be under control and the R rate of infection must be consistently below one.

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If these criteria are met, the following changes could be introduced:

Seeing family and friends

People will be able to meet outside in larger groups, as well as being able to meet people from another household indoor, with physical distancing and hygiene measures in place.

Under current rules, only one household is now permitted to meet with one other household at a time outdoors, such as in a park or private garden.

There should be no more than eight people in a group at a time, and people should limit meetings to just one other household in a given day.

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While people from different households are still not allowed to meet indoors, it is acceptable to walk through a house to gain access to a garden.


People will be able to drive locally for leisure and exercise purposes, and there will be an increase to public transport services.

However, travel at peak times will still remain discouraged where possible.

School, childcare and educational settings

Plans will be made for on campus university lab research to restart, subject to physical distancing.

Work and business

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Remote working should remain the default position for those who can.

Non-essential, indoor non-office based workplaces will be allowed to resume, once relevant guidance has been agreed, including factories, warehouses, lab and research facilities.

There may also be a relaxation of restrictions on house moving.

Shopping, eating out and drinking

Previously closed small retail units will be allowed to reopen with physical distancing in place, along with outdoor markets.

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Pubs and restaurants will be allowed to open outdoor spaces, with physical distancing and increased hygiene routines.

Sport and leisure

Playgrounds and sports courts will be allowed to reopen, and there will be a resumption of professional sport in line with public health advice.

Public gatherings

Registration offices will open for high priority tasks, and places of worship will be open for private prayers, with physical distancing and hygiene safeguards.

Marriages, civil partnerships and other types of ceremonies can also take place with a limited number of attendees.