Best artificial Christmas trees: budget and luxury options from Marks & Spencer, Wayfair, White Company

We’ve heard warning that ‘real’ Christmas trees may be in short supply this year, due to the labour and supply chain difficulties facing the UK. Time to consider the artificial alternative?

<p>Best artificial Christmas trees for 2021: </p>

Best artificial Christmas trees for 2021:

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Artificial Christmas trees used to be derided as slightly grinch-y. But now, with the quality and realism of fake trees growing in leaps in bounds - not to mention a natural frustration with real trees’ propensity to drop needles through the house (we have hoovered up pine needles in October the year after; no exaggeration), the popularity of an artificial Christmas tree has sky-rocketed.

Add into that fresh concerns about supply shortages as a fall-out out from Brexit, and likely price rises - it’s never seemed wiser to invest in a fake plastic Christmas tree.

But they’re no ‘second-best choice’ - there are many reasons why an artificial Christmas tree may work better for you.

What are the benefits of an Artificial Christmas tree?

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