New E.coli victim

A tenth case of E.coli has been confirmed in Scotland.A tenth case of E.coli has been confirmed in Scotland.
A tenth case of E.coli has been confirmed in Scotland.
A tenth victim of the Ec.coli outbreak in Scotland has been confirmed.

All ten cases have been linked to venison products produced by Dundee company Highland Game and marketed under the Scottish Slimmers banner.

In keeping with the other cases, this individual consumed venison products before the outbreak came to light and from within the product use-by-dates identified by Food Standards Scotland. These products are now no longer on sale.

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Dr. Syed Ahmed, Consultant in Health Protection and Clinical Director at HPS said, “It can take up to fourteen days for someone to display symptoms following consumption of contaminated food products. Therefore it is not unusual for some cases to be identified after control measures have been taken. What is encouraging is that this additional case consumed products from the same time frame as the previous cases.”

Earlier this week Food Standards Scotland advised that the affected products were Scottish Slimmers venison sausages, Scottish Slimmers venison meatballs and grillsteaks with use-by dates between September 4 and 28, and venison steaks with pepper sauce to be used in the date range September 4 to October 1.

However, the agency advised that the products were safe to eat if properly cooked according to the instructions on the pack.