36 pictures of Fife Flyers tops through the decades

As Fife Flyers stage a retro top night to raise funds for CHAS, we look back at how their strips have changed over the decades.

Friday, 1st February 2019, 11:02 am
Updated Friday, 1st February 2019, 12:05 pm
Fife Flyers 19874 - five players chosen for a Scotland Select East v West game - Lawrie Lovell, Kenny Horne, John Pullar, Angus Cargill; and Les Lovell

There are some classic tops, some one-offs, and a few which didn’t really work!

Fife Flyers 1938 - the very first ice hockey team to play in Kirkcaldy exactly 80 years ago. A classic, traditional top too!
Fife Flyers 1951 and the club's famous wings are added to the tops. The line up includes legends such as Floyd Snider and Vern Greger

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1950 or thereabouts, and a great atmospheric phot of netminder Art Grant which gives a hint of what the top looked like
1974 - the 'Philly Flyers' logo adorns the tops worn by Lawrie Lovell, Kenny Horne, John Pullar, and Angus Cargill
1977 and the team celebrates a legendary Grand Slam - this is their away kit
1985 - Finlux are the sponsors, Wembley the location, and a British championship party is about to begin!
1986 defeat in NU Cup final in Birmingham and the start of the famous Avco tops (Pic: Bill Dickman/FFP)
1987 - the Avco years, and defenceman Al Sims at Wembley (Pic: Bill Dickman/Fife Free Press)
1990- coach Mike Fedorko between Tim Coughlin and Steve Gatzos in their Avco tops (Pic: Bill Dickman/Fife Free Press)
1990 - the Victory V Flyers on the bench with Neil Abel and Mike Rowe (Pic: Bill Dickman/FFP)
1991 the Avco Flyers and Paul Hand skating past a future Flyer, Frank Morris then icing with Ayr Raiders (Pic: Bill Dickman/FFP)
1992 and Richard Laplante celebrates a goal in that classic do or die promotion showdown in Glasgow against Ayr (Pic: Bill Dickman/FFP)
1993 and Scottish Power's name is on the shirts in this game versus Bracknell Bees (Pic: Bill Dickman/FFP)
1994 and the club's own lottery, Premier Pools, became shirt sponsors - defenceman Ryan Kummu looking good in a smart top! (Pic: Bill Dickmnan)
1994 and big chunky stripes on the top worn by Josh Boni (left) and Craig Wilson (Pic: John Hutton)
1996 - remember the days when cable TV firm United Artists sponsored Flyers? Wearing their top is Kevin St Jacques playing against Slough Jets
1996 - the strip the fans didn't like! The gold down the side was compared to chips ... and a bowl of sick! (Pic: Bill Dickman/FFP)
1996 a new era in the NPL and new sponsors, Sterling, on board. They gave away a three-piece suite one night - the prize was pushed round the ice pad! In the pic is fans' favourite Mark Slate (Pic: Fife Free Press)
1998 and Mark Morrison wears a replica of the 1938 strip to mark the club's 60th anniversary game.
2000 A Grand Slam team and a classic strip - Stephen Murphy, Ted Russell, Frank Morris, Derek King, Bill Moody and Kyle Horne among others in this fab pic! Fife Flyers, British Champions, 2000 - Stephen Murphy, Ted Russell, Frank Morris, Derek King, Bill Moody, Kyle Horne
2002 - the eagle motif dominates the front of the top the team wore to win the Findus Cup. Kyle Horne in action against Caps' Noel Burkitt (Pic: Justin Spittle/TSPL)
2002 - David Smith (left), and Steven King model the second tartan top which wasn't as smart as the original. Looked a bit like a picnic rug to be honest!
2007 and the wings are back on the front in this simple top, worn by Derek King
2006 and the Fife Free Press sponsors the team. Great top - and it even came in a mini version for your car, as modelled by Todd Dutiaume, coach and Ronnie Herd, rink manager
2008 and the first sight of a smart 70th anniversary strip, worn by Todd Dutiaume
2008 - a tweaked club badge to mark the 70th anniversary. This was the away strip - great sponsor too!
2010 - two different tops modelled by Iain Robertson (left) and Steven King (Pic: Fife Free Press)
2010 - back in the 90s the club toyed with a pinstripe top, but it wasn't ever going to work. Clearly no-one read the memo in 2010 when this top came out! (Pic: Steve Gunn)
2012 and the tartan tablecloth top is back! Smiles all round as the players celebrate Derek Keller's goal against Edinburgh (Pic: Steve Gunn)
2013 - a slightly retro top as hoops replace stripes. Bobby Chaumont seems happy though as he nets against his old club Braehead Clan (Pic: Steve Gunn)
2014 - the white moves to the sleeves for a blue top worn by Matt Reber in a pre-season game against Aalborg Pirates (Pic: Steve Gunn)
2015 that same top, this time worn by Matt Nickerson. The smiles marked his return a three-game ban (Pic: Steve Gunn)
201^ - a hint of blue and yellow on the sleeves for this play-off finals top worn by Ryan Dingle (Pic Steve Gunn)
2017 - sponsors logos everywhere! A bit too cluttered for our tastes! (Pic: Dean Woolley)
2018 - team sponsor to the top, individual player sponsors to the bottom ... (Pic: Jillian McFarlane)
Fife Flyers v MKLightning, January 2019 - Evan Bloodoff in front of the net (Pic: Jillian McFarlane)