A mixed bag for St Andrews table tennis sides

There was a win, a draw and two losses to report in a mixed bag of St Andrews Table Tennis Club's fixtures.
Dave Beveridge.Dave Beveridge.
Dave Beveridge.

The win came for Swots in their re-arranged Handicap Cup second round tie against Tigers.

Five wins for Dave Beveridge, arguably enjoying his best form of the season, backed up by three from Rob Brown and two from Emma Bissett, make the 10-4 victory sound as if the handicappers erred on the generous side for Swots when, in fact, the team played with a freedom it has not been showing in its fight against relegation in recent weeks.

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A draw and a defeat was the story for Truants in a week they played two ties.

They took to the table against Chieftains without this season’s star player Sascha Roschy.

Alain Leger, Graham Wood and Knut Radmer each put a score on the board and it was a fixture of ‘what might have beens’ as they lost all four five-setters in their 3-7 defeat.

Alain dropped out for the second fixture of the week against Telstars, with Sascha returning, but in the tight surroundings of the Telephone House venue and the wiley ways of the experienced Ian Farquhar, Sascha’s proud 100 per cent league record perished.

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However, two wins each from Sascha and Graham and one for Knut still meant Truants headed home with a 5-5 draw, although the shine was taken off the fixture by an injury sustained by Telstars’ popular Jim Houghton which may put him out for the rest of the season.

Playing at home against Mylnefield’s Princes, Prospects found their opponents’ blend of youth and experience too much to handle

Jon Fraser scored two wins and Fabio Sani added another single but Alfie and Andrew, the young pair of Princes, showed the sort of form which suggests that they may rule the game in Dundee in the not too distant future.

Prefects’ were due to meet Telstars but travel issues meant a postponement of their scheduled away fixture in Dundee.