Anna is top class at St Andrews meet

Anna HedleyAnna Hedley
Anna Hedley
Anna Hedley (Strathkinness Primary) posted the stand-out performance at a primary school's track meeting held at the St Andrews University Sports Centre.

Hedley, the Scottish Inter District Under 13 Cross-Country champion and UK No.1 ranked for the 5km Parkrun clocked a winning 800m time of 2 minutes 35 seconds, twenty seconds clear of leading ‘B’ athlete Isla, her younger sister.

Kyle Straith (Canongate) was the fastest sprinter of the day winning the 100m Boy’s ‘A’ race in 13.53 seconds while Canongate celebrated a double with Amaris Cuthbert the girls winner in 13.88.

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Selected results: Boys – 100m 1 Kyle Straith (Canongate) 13.53, 2 Jack Shively (Lawhead) 13.96, 3 Cameron Steven (Greyfriars) 15.18.

800m. 1 Campbell Snowgrass (Lawhead) 2:39, 2 Scott Nicolson (Canongate) 2.42, 3 Mikey Scott (Lawhead B) 2.48.

Girls - 100m. 1 Amaris Cuthbert (Canongate) 13.88, 2 Anna Hedley (Strathkinness) 14.46, 3 Luisa Miller (Greyfriars) 15.26.

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