Chaumont return is music to Flyers fans ears

Bobby Chaumont
Bobby Chaumont

Fife Flyers fans will be doing the boogie on a Saturday night again next season after the club confirmed the return of Bobby Chaumont.

The 29-year-old Canadian forward was Flyers top goal scorer last season with 34 goals to his name, and his theme song, T-Rex’s ‘We love to Boogie’, was a popular feature of Flyers home matches.

Head coach Todd Dutiaume is delighted to bring back a player that he regards as a key member of the team - both on and off the ice.

“Since Bobby joined us a year and a half ago he’s consistently put up numbers on the board,” Dutiaume said.

“In his first half season with us he averaged three points a game which is impressive in any league.

“That’s very difficult to maintain but if you look at Bobby’s stats last year he was still averaging a point per game.

“That’s still pretty high numbers and it’s something players struggle to do throughout their careers.

“He’s also a natural leader and one of the most passionate guys in the room.

“He is easy to get along with and is liked by all his team mates - those guys are hard to come by.”

Chaumont finished ninth top scorer in the Elite League last season despite a slow start that saw him receive some heavy criticism from a section of Flyers supporters.

“He went a few games without scoring and all of a sudden people were calling him rubbish and asking for him to be fired,” Dutiaume said.

“Bobby was very aware of criticism - nowadays everyone is more aware of it due to social media.

“It came down to what we told the guys in December - don’t read it, don’t listen to it, the club is sticking by you.

“When the guys stopped worrying about the opinion of other people, the same players went on a great run.

“Bobby is one of the guys who shows up and scores in the big games. He knows what it takes to play under pressure - he’s a guy who has won a championship.

“He is good for this club and we definitely wanted him back.”

Associate coach Danny Stewart added: “It’s good to get Bobby back on board for another season. His production up front has been a huge asset for our club and is something that should never be overlooked.”

While Chaumont is the fifth import to return from last season’s line-up, Dutiaume also revealed that Flyers are in advanced talks with new faces.

“We’re in contract negotiations as we speak and I really like the way things are shaping up,” he said.

“With the core we have brought back I see no reason why we shouldn’t get off to a great start. If we put the right combinations together we will be formidable opponents.”

Dutiaume also confirmed that Tim Hartung will not be making a return to Kirkcaldy nex season.

“Unfortunately Tim will not be returning,” Dutiaume said. “He really turned his season around when we put him up to forward and he was instrumental in winning a number of matches that went to penalty shots.

“However, we’ll be parting ways with Tim and looking to bring in a high scoring centreman.”