Coach Dutiaume now on the road to recovery

Todd Dutiaume
Todd Dutiaume

FIFE Flyers player-coach Todd Dutiaume is fighting to be fit for the new ice hockey season as he recovers from the broken knee suffered at the end of the last campaign.

His recovery is going according to plan but it is still too early to know whether he will be ready to hit the ice for the opening challenge match against Dundee Stars on August 31.

“The physios are happy with progress,” he said. “I’m now walking and doing basic exercises, which is a pretty big step forward from where I was.

“It’s two months until the season starts and I’m meeting the specialist in one month for a physical exam.

“I’ve got the full range of motion back - that’s a positive - but it all hinges on how it reacts to stress.

“My two priorities are getting to back to being fit for my work (as a firefighter) - and to maintain my quality of life.

“I want to be able to be as physical and active as I’ve always been - and part of that is being able to skate and play ice hockey.

“When I’m told I’m ready to start that, I’ll start.”

Dutiaume stressed that he will not utilise himself in a playing role if he feels he cannot give 100 per cent.

“Last season, from Christmas onwards, I really felt that I started pulling my weight on the ice,” he said.

“If I feel I can get back to that level, and management feel my spot is justified, I’d love to be playing again.

“If I feel hampered by injury - or age becomes a factor - I’ll step aside.

“I’ll be under scrutiny from fans and management - and hardest of all myself - and I’m always honest with myself.

“If I’m not happy with my playing contribution we’ll review it and come up with a plan B.”